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Why choose Colabor Food Distributor?

Colabor Food Distributor, a member of the Colabor Group, is a distributor of food products with over 16 000 products and 11 000 clients in the food services, restaurant, and retail sector.


Fulfilling each client’s needs is our top priority.

Our clients benefit from an unbeatable selection of food and food-related products. Products are delivered just in time and are optimally packaged. Orders can be placed on the phone or online using a centralized, safe, and extremely effective centralized system.

Are you a supplier?

Are you a supplier and are looking to become our partner? Thanks to Colabor Food Distributor, you gain can potentially gain access to over 11 000 sales outlets in two provinces. Colabor Food Distributor can indeed be an effective partner for your short-, mid-, and long-term business growth.

The Colabor Group

Colabor Food Distributor is a member of the Colabor Group, a leading distributor of food and food related products in Eastern Canada. The company distributes over 50 000 products and can cater to the food and non-related food needs of all types of businesses. By choosing Colabor Food Distributor, you benefit from a multitude of advantages from a large organization that has access to many resources.

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